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Dr. Federico Ibarra


Federico Ibarra is a PhD student in the International Research Training Group StRATEGy and a staff member of the Institute for Basic, Applied and Environmental Geosciences of Buenos Aires (IGeBA, UBA-CONICET). He holds a diploma in Geology from the University of Buenos Aires, where he did his thesis focused on the deformation events in the Northern Patagonian Andes. He is currently in a cotutelle program with the universities of Potsdam and Buenos Aires.

He is currently working on large-scale modeling of the Central Andean lithosphere in the Altiplano-Puna plateau and adjacent forearc and foreland. The aim of his project is to develop a data-constrained 3D model of the region with the distribution of physical properties in the subsurface (e.g., density, temperature, maximum differential stress). The models will be compared with observations of deformation processes in order to better-understand the link between the physical state of the lithosphere and deformation.