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Dr. Matías Barrionuevo

University of Buenos Aires
University of Potsdam

Matías is a PhD student in the International Research Training Group StRATEGy-Arg and under a Cotutelle de thèse (binational doctorate) between University of Potsdam and Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). He holds a diploma degree (licenciatura) in Geology from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina where he studied the geomorphology and stratigraphy of an area in James Ross Island, Antarctica. 

Now he is focused in the Andean tectonic evolution between 30- 36°S applying structural geology techniques and numerical modelling to assess the role of upper plate pre-andean inherited features that conditioned the deformation. He is working actively in the southern part (35-36°S) linking the Malargüe fold-and-thrust belt evolution and oil-system development.