Lic. Emilio Jose Marcelo Criado-Sutti

University of Potsdam

 Emilio J. M. Criado-Sutti is a Ph.D. student in the International Research Training Group StRATEGy-Arg and holds a diploma degree (licenciatura) in physics from the University of Salta. He's in a cotutelle program of the CUAA-DAHZ with the National University of Tucumán, the University of Salta and the University of Potsdam

He is a staff member of the IBIGEO (CONICET-UNSa) institute. He interested in the seismic activity of the Lerma Valley and is working on recent earthquakes distribution in this area. His background is in applied mathematics, especially in non-local diffusion models in classical epidemiology.

Advisors: Frank Krüger, Carolina Montero-López