Lic. Román Feal

GFZ Potsdam

Román Feal is a Ph.D. student in the International Research Group ‘StRATEGy’. He studied in the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where he obtained a diploma in Geology. He worked and did his thesis in the “Laboratorio de Modelado Geológico” (LAMOGE), where his studies were focused on the sedimentological evolution and provenance analysis on the foreland Miocene deposits. He is a staff member at GFZ Potsdam, as member of the Basin Modelling in the StRATEGy group. The aim of his research is to relate the Southern Central Andes growth to sedimentation in the foreland and offshore basins, in a “Source to Sink” concept, to elucidate the interaction between the Andean uplift, erosion, sediment transport and deposition in the Argentinian offshore.