Lic. Constanza Rodriguez Piceda

GFZ Potsdam

Constanza Rodriguez Piceda is a Ph.D. student in the International Research Group ‘StRATEGy’. She studied in the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) where she obtained a diploma in Geology. She worked and did her thesis in the Instituto de Geofísica Daniel A. Valencio (INGEODAV), where her studies were focused on the paleogeographic of the position of Pampia Terrane (NW Argentina) during the Early Paleozoic, using paleomagnetic techniques. She is a staff member of the Basin Modelling Section (6.1) at GFZ Potsdam. The aim of her research is to develop a 3-D lithospheric-scale modelling of the Southern Central Andes based on gravimetric, seismic and thermal data, along with its variations on physical properties, such as density, temperature and strength.