Earth Sciences at Potsdam University on the rise

Saturday, November 26, 2016 - 12:00
Potsdam University - Golm

Photo by Richard Leeming (creative commons)

The independent commission of "Nature Index" ranked the Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Potsdam among the 6th best research and 3rd best university institutions in the field of earth sciences in Germany. The institute proved its state of outstanding research without any additional funds from excellence initiatives. Instead, the research has been conducted in the framework of two DFG-funded research training groups ("StRATEGy" and "NatRiskChange"), diverse BMBF and EU projects, and is highly noticed in numerous publications.

The Nature Index is a database of author affiliation information collated from research articles published in an independently selected group of 68 high-quality science journals. The database is compiled by Nature Research. The Nature Index provides a close to real-time proxy for high-quality research output at the institutional, national and regional level. The Nature Index is updated monthly, and a 12-month rolling window (1 September 2015 - 31 August 2016) of data is openly available at under a Creative Commons non-commercial license.

For more information follow this link to the Potsdam University news or download the corresponding newspaper supplement provided below.