Anne Hodgson
Monday, October 23, 2017 - 09:15 to 17:00
University of Potsam - Golm - House 27 - Room 2.24

Based on the observations and experiences we made during the 3rd Status Seminar and the presentations we have seen, we offer the "StRATEGy" PhD students to receive feedback from Anne Hodgson who companies the soft skills development of our students since the beginning of their PhD. The feedbacks are based on video analysis and will be related to the students body language and speaking skills.

  1. Watch the video of your talk, if you haven’t yet. What do you like about what you see? What would you like to improve?
  2. Revise your slides, checking for spelling mistakes, unplanned changes in font and format, and any other inconsistencies. Please delete any periods at the end of titles, labels and captions.
  3. Reformulate your hook to introduce the talk, your comment on your most exciting visual, and your key take-home message at the end, so we can review and practice that together.
  4. Watch the Q&A. How did you acknowledge the question? How exactly did you respond? What could you like to improve? –– What other questions could you expect might be asked?

Please find below the feedback schedule for the individual work packages:

WP1 10:15-11:00
WP2 11:15-12:45
​WP3 13:30-15:00
WP4 15:15-16:00