XX. Congreso Geológico Argentino

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 08:00 to Friday, August 11, 2017 - 18:00
Argentinia - Tucumán - Sheraton Hotel

On the occasion of the XX. Argentine Geological Congress in Tucumán we organised a short status meeting of the StRATEGy, CUAA (Centro Universitario Argentino Alemán), and other related GER-ARG geoscience projects on August 9, 2017 in Tucumán. We have reserved a room at the conference venue, which will be available from 2 pm onwards.

We cordially invite senior researchers and young research fellows / PhD students who participate in these bilateral projects. The speakers of the programs will present a short overview concerning research and teaching goals of these ongoing programs. We also would like to use this meeting to inform the representatives of CONICET and CUAA about the achieved results in these projects.

Please find below the schedule for this meeting.

Furthermore, "StRATEGy" PhD students Martin Zeckra, Ricardo Ruiz Monroy, and Sebastian Zapata Henao will present their work during the congress.

"Caracterización de las facias orgánicas de la formación Yacoraite en la cuenca de Salta, Argentina"
Ricardo Ruiz Monroy, Robert Ondrak, Manfred Strecker, and Eduardo Rossello

"StRATEGy - Seismic network/array in northwestern Argentinia: details of the seismicity in the epicentral region of the El Galpón (Salta) earthquake (Mw 5.8)"
Martin Zeckra, Frank Krüger, Angela Landgraf, Germán Aranda Viana, Fernando Hongn, Fernando Morales, and Patricia Alvarado

"The influence of inherited extensional structures on the growth of basment-cored ranges, basin inversion and foreland basin development, the transition between the Santa Barbara broken foreland and the Sierras Pampeanas in the Central Andes"
Sebastian Zapata Henao, Edward Sobel, Cecilia del Papa, Claudia Muruga, and Andrea Jelinek