Archive for geological maps updated

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 12:00
Potsdam University - Golm

Photo by Nelson Milar (creative commons)

The archive for geological maps from Argentina is updated. We implemented all maps, which might be of relevance for the individual projects in "StRATEGy" in the map collection of the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences. The access to these maps is restricted to students at the University of Potsdam and GFZ Potsdam (via VPN).

If you do not have access to the map collection please contact us and send your request.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce the beta version of the Multi-Touch-Tabletop (TABGEO) - an interactive map and GIS visualization device, which is installed at the Institute of Earth and Environmental Sciences (House 27, 2nd floor) and funded by EFRE and the federal state of Brandenburg.

For more information on the TABGEO follow the link below (only in german):