El Galpón signing convention to monitor seismic activity

Photo by Martin Zeckra

Our geophysics team in Argentina is making progress. The team was integral part of a press conference, where they presented a new cooperation between "StRATEGy" and the local municipality of the city of El Galpón. On October 17, 2015 the region suffered from a magnitude 5.9 earthquake, which was felt over a 680 km stretch of NW Argentina.

The mayor of El Galpón Frederico Sassa signed a cooperation agreement with "StRATEGy" researchers Prof. Dr. Frank Krüger from the University of Potsdam (Germany) and Prof. Dr. Fernando Hongn from the University of Salta and CONICET for a temporary installation of a seismic network monitoring regional seismic activity. The agreement includes the maintainance and protection of 6 seismic stations in the region around El Galpón. During the press conference the local media was present and was informed about the "StRATEGy" program.

"With the signing of this agreement and thanks to the cooperation of the University of Potsdam and the Argentine research institutions, we will be able to study the effects of climate and the seismic activity in our region. It's a response from science and the seismic records we have, and that we have been looking for repeatedly from the municipal government ", said the intendant.

The secretary of civil defense said: "We must not confuse or create false expectations, because to date scientifically no one can predict when earthquakes will occur. But it is a big step forward because it will allow us to study the behaviour of the entire region."

The event took place in the lobby of the municipal hall of culture, and was presented by the secretary of civil defense of the province Ernesto Flores, the representative of the University in Salta and CONICET Prof. Dr. Fernando Hongn, municipal authorities, councilors, volunteer firemen in training, representatives of other institutions, and special guests.