Seismic experiment in the Salta Province

Thursday, June 2, 2016 - 12:00
Argentina - Salta University

Photo by Martin Zeckra

One of the logistically most challenging "StRATEGy" projects (G 2.3) is ready to start a seismic experiment in the Andean foreland region between Salta and Tucumàn in NW Argentina. 13 seismic stations have been shipped from Potsdam to Salta and will be installed in the ground to record seismic and tectonic activity for the next two years. Prof. Frank Krüger and his PhD student Martin Zeckra are recently in Argentina and are looking forward to get the seismic network set up.

We thank our collaboration partners Viviana Alvarez Schuller for logistical support and Prof. Fernando Hongn and his "StRATEGy" PhD students at the University of Salta for their assistance.